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At GICO, our relationship with our livestock partners is fundamental. We take pride in collaborating closely with them, and together, we share an unwavering commitment to excellence in livestock sourcing.

Our livestock partners stand out for their dedication to producing high-quality cattle, selecting the best genetics, providing meticulous care, and ensuring optimal nutrition. This dedication throughout the entire breeding and livestock care process is essential to ensure that each of our products is of the highest quality.

It is this dedication that enables us to fulfill our mission: to provide Quality in Meats that meets the most stringent standards nationally and internationally. Our commitment to excellence is evident at every stage of our process, from cattle selection to the final product that reaches your table.

We firmly believe that the quality of meat begins on the farm, and thanks to ongoing collaboration with our livestock partners, we are in a unique position to deliver exceptional meat products that meet our customers’ expectations. We take pride in maintaining this strong and committed partnership because we know that quality in livestock is the foundation of quality in our meats.

Cattle Ranching Partners


At Ganadera Vista Alegre, we consider it crucial to treat GICO as if it were our own company. This relationship goes beyond the commercial aspect; it is built on trust and shared commitment with the producers. We value the partnership with GICO as a strategic alliance based on transparency and mutual respect. This approach strengthens the relationship, fostering joint growth and shared success. Trust and commitment are the cornerstones of this collaboration, creating a solid bond that extends beyond mere business transactions.


As a livestock farmer, sending animals to GICO signifies trust in receiving fair treatment and obtaining the best returns in the slaughtering process. Choosing GICO goes beyond a transaction; it is the assurance that the animals will be handled with care and respect, backed by a company committed to ethics and quality at every stage. In GICO, we find the ideal combination that allows us to trust the integrity of the process and expect optimal returns, solidifying a relationship based on trust, integrity, and excellence in livestock production.


Being a supplier to GICO ensures transparency and security, and my experience over time confirms that deliveries have resulted in fair returns for my cattle. Payments have always been made in accordance with our business agreements. The relationship with GICO goes beyond the transaction; it is a partnership based on trust and fairness, supported by open communication and the assurance of aligned business interests.